The Dresden Files



  • jstraley13 says:

    In the Chapter 13., 14, and 15 show Michael and Sonya are in Missouri not at the marina. They find out about the marina incident from Harry.

  • CaptainEd says:

    Great job! I’ve been listening to the podcast for few the past few weeks while working from home, and unfortunately have gotten through all of the backlog. Can’t wait for the next episode to drop!

  • Denise says:

    It seems Death Masks Chapters 19,20,21 are missing? I guess I’ll skip it, but I’m a bit sad to.
    As an aside, I love these podcasts! 😀

  • Kpman says:

    Love this pod way more than I thought I would! Hey ICYMI your newest podcast for dresden isn’t on googleplay.

  • MoveJoe says:

    Really love the Podcast, great job! There really isn‘t much out there when it comes to Dresden Files so I was very happy to find this.

    One question: Do you ever get annoyed, when re-reading the books, at how often Harry gets captured? It happens like 3 times each book and it drives me insane. Often times it really feels like a plot device and Harry only gets captured so that the new bad guy can get some exposure. Didn‘t have a problem with it when I read the books the first time, but now I can‘t not notice this.

    • UNspoiled! Podcast says:

      Ooooh you know what I’m not annoyed as of right now but I’m going to keep an eye out for that. Which book are you rereading now that it stood out?

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  • North says:

    Hi Unspoiled. Just stumbled upon this via spotify and am really enjoying your views of Storm Front, except for one thing. You say you’re going to put your feminism aside for awhile to just enjoy the novels, but it’s there so much of the time. I’m a woman too, and a born tomboy, but I don’t need to have every character share my viewpoint. Harry can want to be a traditional gentleman, can admire the appearance of women he meets and not be misogynistic or sexist. He doesn’t see women as helpless or weaker, he just has a mile wide protective streak and is a normal hormonal human. Are you sexist and objectifying men if you admire male actors or your boyfriend’s appearence?

    These books are Harry’s perspective, his thoughts, and you’re ranting about the thoughts in his head rather than his actual, controlled actions sometimes and it’s distracting from the actual experience of the text. Please try putting politics aside, rather than being side tracked by them.

  • Szymon says:

    Are you planning to read Dresden comics along the way?

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