If you’re looking for some answers on how Spoil Me! commissions work, you’re in the right place!


What does it mean to commission you to cover something? Is that different from Patreon?

Yes, it’s different! Patreon (which you can check out here) is a monthly subscription to a private page where members all get access to exclusive content. Commissioning me means you personally are pre-purchasing a block of my time for me to read 50 pages of a specific book or watch an episode (perhaps two depending on the length/content) of a specific television show that you choose for me, then record on it live on Crowdcast where you can watch. You can also commission me for movies!

Do I have to watch on Crowdcast to hear the episode?

Nope! Just search Spoil Me! on your podcatcher of choice and you will find the feed for all commissioned episodes!

How do I listen to just the episodes for one specific property?

You can either do it from this website, where I have separate playlist for every title, and listen from the site or download the episode by holding down the link to the file. Depending on the podcatcher you use, (t works for Overcast) you can click on Spoil Me! and from within the Spoil Me! feed, type in the title you’re after into their search bar.

How do I commission you to start a new series that isn’t already in the booking dropdown menu?

That’s actually a tricky question, and the two biggest things I ask in response to it are, “How much money do you have, and how patient are you?” Click here for a more in-depth answer! 

Where do I vote on the next show you’ll cover once a crowd-sourced show you’re covering finishes?

You can weigh in on the survey here! But please, only vote if you’re actually willing to commit to chipping in for coverage, because I’m using this survey as a metric for how likely a series is to be completed.

If you want a title added to the survey, leave a comment on that page and let me know!

How much does an episode cost?

A basic episode covering 50 pages of a book or one episode of a TV show is $45. You can also pay extra to be a guest on the show with me, or to be meta and watch me watch an episode in real time! And of course, movies are MUCH longer to watch and take longer to record on, so those are $100.

The TV show I want to commission is less than half an hour per episode. Can I commission one podcast slot for the coverage of two episodes?

Since you’re the spoiled one, I trust your judgment to decide on this! If you think the show isn’t dense enough in plot or theme for me to talk about one episode for an hour (eg. One Piece) you can request two episodes in the notes when you make your booking! If, however, the show is short but heavy (eg. Fleabag) you may wanna hold off and give me some room to breathe. It’s a shame to rush through something emotional or plot-dense because I’m running out of time.

Where do I go to commission an episode?

You can click here for my booking website!

How long is allowed between bookings?

Three months. It’s just too difficult for me to keep track of character names and plots and all of that when so much time has passed. There may be occasional exceptions to this (for example is the series still being written/aired on TV and we’re waiting for the next book/season?) so it’s best to get in touch with me, but this is the rule of thumb

Why didn’t you finish that one series you started?

Because there was too long a break between episode commissions. Shows that ended early that made me sad include Rome, Saga, and a couple others I’m sure I’m forgetting.

Can I restart a series you started and didn’t finish?

It will all depend on how long it has been since the series defaulted, how much of it I got through before the break, and how much I remember/enjoyed it/resisted continuing to read or watch after the default date; I MAY have already spoiled myself. Get in touch with me and if you can make it worth my while, maybe we can work something out!

How can I connect with other fans to help commission a series?

Head over to the Facebook group by clicking here! Fans of various shows have in some cases started private chats and all take turns planning and paying for episodes of a show they love and really want me to finish.

Why can’t I book more than one episode for the same property on the same day? Are there exceptions?

There are exceptions, and I will get those in a second! The main reason is…how can I be unspoiled twice in a row when I’m recording back to back and I have no time to read or watch between recordings? I would have to read 100 pages, or watch two episodes, and then record two separate slightly-spoiled casts, and that’s not what anyone wants! The exceptions to this is if you are commissioning a voyeur version of an episode previous to the regular recording, because I can live-watch or live-read and then follow up with coverage. For this reason, always check the spreadsheet! 

Where can I see what you are commissioning now?

Check out the full list plus links to register for the Crowdcasts here!

Where can I see what series need someone to purchase an episode to keep it going?

Check the spreadsheet here! It’s updated manually on a weekly basis, so it won’t show all bookings immediately, but it’s the best we can do.

Is there a calendar when I can look at what’s coming up for certain dates?

There sure is, click here!

Where do I go to watch the live casts?

You can find my Crowdcast homepage here! Titles are listed from soonest to most distant.

You’re always booked! When do new slots open?

I know it’s hard to get slots, and I’m sorry! This is part of why I’m keeping my list of “currently covering” shows short, so that everyone gets a fair shot! The software I use to take appointments automatically makes new openings available exactly 90 days from today’s date. Because I only record on Tuesdays and Fridays, those are the days that new slots appear. There are three slots available per day at 4PM, 5:30PM, and 7PM CST, but if I’m in the midst of a blocked pre-booking (which I will be until August of 2022, BTW) one of those slots will already be spoken for before that date is made available to the public, leaving 4 total available per week.

Is there a way I can skip the line for commission slots on something you’re currently covering?

Similar to starting a new series, the question is “How much money do you have, and how patient are you?” If you’ve got a big ole chunk of change you want to throw at a show that’s currently being covered, perhaps to pull your weight in a group of fans who have all agreed to foot part of the bill, or because you’re in fear it may get canceled soon, there might be an answer.*At my discretion* I will allow pre-purchase of a block of 10 classic-style episodes (one per week at $450) PLUS a convenience fee of $100. This is for the extra labor on my end for getting this set up outside the normal parameters, which takes a lot more work than you’d think. Your appointments will be entered into the scheduling software by me personally, ahead of open availability. You can *request* a consistent start time of either 4PM/5:30PM/7PM CST for every booking, but due to blocks booked before yours, accomodation may not be possible. Get in touch to get started.

Can I commission you to cover something with my favorite cohost of yours?

I’m sorry, but I’m afraid not. I do this to make a living, and it would be really difficult for me to have to split commissions with my cohost (because I certainly wouldn’t feel right recording with them and not sharing some of the profit in exchange for that extra time and energy outside of whatever else they do for free shows). Even if you wanted to pay us both, I record in the middle of the day when none of my cohosts are available to join me because they all have day jobs. In the past I’ve tried switching up my schedule, but it was just too much. I’m already at capacity even with my regular schedule.

What if I want to pay you WAY MORE than asking price to get VIP treatment? Like….way way more?

I’m not making any promises, but…let’s talk.

Other questions? Head over to the Facebook group by clicking here or you can email me!