Hey there my friends. RoShawn’s husband is in the hospital and she’s unable to record with me for next week’s episodes, so there will be no UNsober! and no ASOIAF. She appreciates all your support, and gratefully requests that you send your thoughts and prayers in spirit rather than via text because all the messages can get overwhelming on top of the other stresses she’s currently coping with. 

However, there will be a Hunger Games episode, of sorts. It turns out that my co-host on the Sookie Stackhouse and Mistborn series, Miles, was totally unspoiled on The Hunger Games until he started reading along due to our show’s coverage. He has only read up to chapter 12 of the first book, which would have been what RoShawn and I recorded on yesterday, and I decided it would be fun to hear his impressions on those chapters and then compare them with RoShawn’s. 

We will be recording that live tonight at 9PM CST if you’re interested in joining us but of course the audio will be posted to the regular feed as well. 

Thanks for all your understanding, and we love you all. 

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