Your Beloved Hosts

Natasha Winters

Creator & Boss Bitch

Location: unfortunately, Texas
Shows: Too fucking many
Me In Seven Words: "Always too much, yet it's never enough."
Book: The Enchanted Castle
Movie: Home Alone
TV: Vikings
Musician: I don't know, Slick Rick?
Fun stuff to do: plan things, decorate planners, put stickers in my planner, PLAN. Also, cooking.
Why podcasting?  I have an inflated sense of self-importance and also I'm hilarious

Jaime Smith

Network Show Host

Network Show Host

Location: Atlanta, GA
Shows: The Constant - Lost (@TheConstantPod)
Undeclared! - Band of Brothers (@UndeclaredBoB)
Undeclared! - The Vampire Diaries (@UndeclaredTVD)
Undeclared! - The Punisher (@UndeclarePunish)

Me in Seven Words - "Loyal. Passionate. Likes animals more than people."
Books/Authors - A Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter
Movie - The Goonies, LOTR, The Winter Soldier
TV - Friends, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, BSG
Musician - Nada Surf, Madonna, Alkaline Trio
Fun stuff to do - Baking. Going to movies. Cat videos.
Why podcasting? - I realized that what I love more than anything is talking about TV. There's no better platform for doing that than podcasting. Plus it means I get to talk to Krista multiple times a week now!


Network Show Host

Location: Los Angeles
Podcasts: UnScrupled, Occasional Book Club.
Favorite Books: There are so many… My Go-To is American Gods by Neal Gaiman, but Favorite book for Beautiful writing? Bel Canto by Ann Patchet. Favoriet Series? The Tiffany Aching Books by Terry Pratchett. Favorite Military sci-fi? Old Man’s war series by John Scalzi. Favorite series of unexpected weird awesomeness? The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms By NK Jemisin.
Favorite Movies: Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Favorite shows: Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Farscape, Six Feet Under, DS9, Sense8
What I do for fun: Climb walls and rocks, run Sci-fi Cons, read a lot, be snarky on the internet
How you started Podcasting: My bestie called me up one day and said “You know that radio show we talked about doing in College? We’re doing it. Now.”

Candace Solomon

Co-Host And Resident Pot-Stirrer

Lover of anime, vampires, and trashy teen angst TV
Only the cheesiest of pop music will do
The Broadcast; Unemployed: Daybreak; Twific Pimps: Straight to the Vein; Hide & Drink;
Occasional Book Club

RoShawn DiLodovico

Co-Host & Resident Unicorn


Harry Potter
The Wire
The Dresden Files
The Leftovers

Seven Words: Some Things other people think are important

Loves: The Smurfs, Fiona Apple, punk rock, 70's AM Gold, Mosh Pits

Krista Contino Saumby

Network Show Host

Location: Washington, DC
Shows:The Constant - Lost (@TheConstantPod)
Undeclared! - Band of Brothers (@UndeclaredBoB)
Undeclared! - The Vampire Diaries (@UndeclaredTVD)
Undeclared! - The Punisher (@UndeclarePunish)
Recurring Guest Host - The Film Find

Me in Seven Words - "Some stuff someone else writes about me."

Book - Lucifer's Hammer
Movie - Devil
TV - The Finder
Musician - Poe

Fun stuff to do - I draw and craft too much
Why podcasting? - I like talking. And Jaime. And talking to Jaime.

Chris "Money" Holcomb

Network Show Host

Location: Oakland, CA
Shows: UNscrupled: Buffy, Sense8, Alias, Angel. UNspoiled: Book Club, The Walking Dead Graphic Novels
Music: Gaga, Cher, Robin Skouteris, P!nk, Bad Lip Reading
Loves: Monetary theory, Identity Politics, Drag Fashion, Sword of Shadows
Got into broadcasting: The Bitches & Money show has been a thing since 2006. It was time to expand our market influence.

Maggie BenZvi

Co-Host & Comics Fangirl

Agent Carter
Luke Cage
Jessica Jones
Stranger Things
Penny Dreadful
Orphan Black
Twin Peaks
What’s Goin’ With Owen and Maggie

Seven Words: “This is way harder than I expected.”
Loves: Friends. Music. Comics. My Kids. Stuff. Things. Muppets.

Miles Schneiderman

Co-Host, Resident Curmudgeon

Location: Tucson, AZ
Shows: Dark Tower, Fucking Game of Stupid Thrones
Other Podcasts: Smash Fiction, The Timekeeper's Table (defunct)

Favorite Book (Fiction): Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card
Favorite Movie: Rebecca
Favorite TV Show: Lucha Underground, Venture Bros
Favorite Musician: Delain, narrowly beating out Nightwish
Superpower: The ability to quote any piece of popular culture I have experienced, verbatim
Politics: So left that I frequently despise liberals
Mildly Controversial Opinion: Civil War is the best MCU movie, fight me
Somewhat More Controversial Opinion: Freedom is overrated

Owen Hobbs

Co-Host & Boy Toy

Location: The South
Identity: Secret
Podcasts: What’s Goin’ With Owen and Maggie. UnSpoiled: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Walking Dead, Golden Compass, Orphan Black, Jessica Jones s1, and numerous Patreon special episodes.
Favorite Book: Marvel Comics: The Untold Story
Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite X-Man: Goldballs
Loves: Superhero comics & films, RC Cola, champagne, Fallout, The Simpsons, Star Wars
Hates: Aerosmith, damp socks, cupcakes, Frank Miller, Hawkman