Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there an easier way to access the Patrons-Only shows?

A: Patreon will send you an RSS feed when you first sign up that you can enter into any podcatcher from Apple Podcasts to Overcast! That’s the easiest way to access, and if you can’t find the email, just go here and they will walk you through it.

Q: I’m having trouble with Patreon/accessing a Patrons-Only show! What should I do?

A: First off, double-check here that the show you’re trying to access is actually within your tier subscription! You don’t know how many people just mistake which shows they’re supposed to have access to, and turns out that it’s just at a different level.

Second, if it’s definitely within your tier and you’re still running into a weird problem, I would get in touch with Patreon directly. They’re incredibly responsive, and you can message them here.

Q: Will you cover this show/book I love?

A: Maybe I will! There are a couple possibilities there: the first is that I could potentially cover it on a new iTunes show, and the second is that you could potentially commission it as a solo show!

If you’re interested in a free iTunes show, please know that at the time of this writing (February 2021) there won’t be a new iTunes show starting for at least 2 more years, so you may have a really long wait. However, the more people ask for something, the more attention I pay to it, so leave a comment here or drop me a note at

If you want to check out how to do commissions, click here!

Q: How can I get my podcast on the UNspoiled! Network?

A: Unfortunately I’m not accepting new shows on the network at this time, due to the limited resources at my disposal. Until I’m in a position to oversee more shows than I record, I don’t want the network to expand too fast and maybe damage the integrity of what I’m trying to build. I hope you understand, and if this changes I will put the word out!

Q: I have something else to ask that isn’t answered here! 

A: No problem! You can email me at with any additional questions!

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