Currently Being Covered For Spoil Me!

I’ve broken it all into categories so that those who want to pitch in on an episode have an easier time figuring out where to throw their support. Click on any of the images to be taken to that show’s Crowdcast page! If you’d just like to see what’s coming up on Crowdcast in general, you can go here! 

These are series that I've already started covering, and that have been booked through all the way to the end and need no further support

These are series that are underway and still need episodes commissioned in order to finish! I will label them as “IN DANGER” underneath if there has been a long gap between commissions and the series is in danger of being cancelled. Click the purple letters above to help out by commissioning an episode!

These are series that were fully pre-booked, and need no support!

Begins January 4th!

Begins January 4th!

Season 3 Begins March 22nd!