ASOIAF 2- The Co-Host Switcheroo

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  • chibismiles says:

    Hi Natasha,
    I recently started this series from the beginning back in April, from the Unspoiled episodes. I got to the Some Spoiled parts and I am now on chapter of 14&15 of CoK with you and Roshawn-I have a funny money story I wanted to share since you guys were talking about karma, and I hope this is the right place to share it.
    I used to work as a shift lead manager at Walgreen’s and one time a customer came up to me saying she lost her wallet. I checked the cameras for her and found that after she had made her purchase, on her way out, she dropped in the entrance. A few minutes later a man walked up, picked it up and walked out with it. She went home to file a police report. Maybe like 20 minutes later, she called the store and asked for me. She told me the man had looked up her address and dropped the wallet off at her home, everything was accounted for. It’s a sweet little happenstance and it’s so cool someone would do that.
    Anyway, love the show and awesome work guys!

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