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3 hours ago

UNspoiled! Podcast

‪Reading Bridge To Terabithia and WOW is there a lot of fat-shaming and gross enjoyment of the humiliation of fat women. YIKES.‬ ... See MoreSee Less


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It can be difficult to look back on childhood classics. Lots of problematic elements.

Do y'all remember that book, Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade? (You probably have to be an '80s kid.) It gives me shivers when I remember it. I read it so many times.

You took the words right out of my mouth. I've been biting my tongue and saving it for the podcast but ...OOF!

I had to read this book in middle school. I actually think it was my theology class we read it for. Personally I think it deals with some very mature topics as well that I’m not sure we were able to really process back then. But then again we also had to read Where the Red Fern Grows in Fourth grade. Talk about a disaster.

Eeek! I read it in 5th grade in 1988 and loved it. Now I’m scared.

Damn that's fuckin' disappointing :/ it was one of the things I was hoping to get around to reading. Maybe not.

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2 days ago

UNspoiled! Podcast

This is so cute I can't stand it! A magical gift for any muggle! ... See MoreSee Less

This is so cute I cant stand it! A magical gift for any muggle!


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I have a shirt with this little Harry popping out of the breast pocket <3

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