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13 hours ago

UNspoiled! Podcast

I have an announcement!Earlier today, I had a private conference with a representative from Patreon. It was meant to gather feedback from me about what I have been hearing my listeners want, tell me some of what they are planning to do down the line, and give me suggestions on how to make my page more successful.One of the things she told me was that pages with roughly 6 or fewer reward tiers were more successful on average because potential pledges were not overwhelmed with choices. Also interestingly, pages that started with at least a $3-5 pledge as their minimum tended to have a higher conversion rate (meaning that a higher percentage of potential subscribers decided to pledge upon viewing the tiers).It has long been suggested to me that I do away with the $1 tier because a lot of you wonderful, caring, well-meaning folks feel like I am under-selling myself. But making people jump from a dollar to *five* dollars felt rather aggressive to me, and doing away with that tier entirely was breaking my promise to let you listen to the reread of Harry Potter for just a dollar.Well, guess what? It turns out that I can “retire” reward tiers without any of the people currently in that tier losing their rewards or being forced to move to a different tier. Basically what this means is that anybody who is already subscribed to that level is grandfathered in, but that level will *not* be available to new subscribers. I will still also be able to post specifically to that level. Functionally, nothing would change for those patrons EXCEPT that if they leave that level, they won’t be able to come back. After giving it some thought, I believe that this is the best course of action for me for the $1, $3, and $15 tiers. It will simplify things for me to drop the lowest-level pledge tiers, and with only 6 people out of 656 currently at the $15+ tier, it made sense to retire that one. As previously stated, if you are already at one of those levels, ***nothing will change***. I will still be able to post early access to episodes ($1+), Harry Potter re-read episodes ($1+), cocktail hours (3+), and live crowdcast recordings of HP($15+) for all of those levels just as I was before. You will simply be in an exclusive, secret tier that no one else will be allowed to join.I plan on implementing these new levels on July 1. If any of those old tiers appeal to you specifically, make sure to join them now because you won’t be able to after that. If you are currently at one of those tiers and you are happy, you don’t need to do anything. Thank you so much to everyone who is currently pledging, at whatever level. You guys are the OGs and shaped what the show is now. Also huge thank you to everybody who encouraged me to charge more, even when I felt sure that I wasn’t offering enough to justify that. After the talk with the Patreon representative today, who echoed what y’all have been telling me for years (she actually used the word “astounding” to describe how much exclusive content I offer), I realized maybe I WAS undervaluing myself a little. I know, I know. Shut up. ... See MoreSee Less

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Charlotte Greener just FYI

Can we send the rep flowers already?

Love you and your content Natasha! I'm glad to see you're making sure Unspoiled keeps growing and changing and being awesome!

Hello. My name is the rich people who are in the same place. You killed my girl and I forgot.Prepare to be a good listener. ... See MoreSee Less

Hello. My name is the rich people who are in the same place. 

You killed my girl and I forgot.

Prepare to be a good listener.

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Hello. My name is The. You killed my job. Prepare to go to training next week. 😂😂

Hello. My name is on. You killed my dog. Prepare to go back and forth with a friend.

Hello! My name is the verse of a man. You killed a man in a row of a woman. Prepare to take the time and place for the next one.

Hello. My name is a bit of a Minecraft Zombie. You killed my son and I nearly cried. Prepare to go to the beach.

Hello. My name is Jessica. You killed my friend. Prepare to go to the doctor. 😂

Hello. My name is island. You killed my mystery/ grandfather. Prepare to go sleep. 😴

Hello, my name is the first place I was. You killed my phone. Prepare to die

Hello My name is on the road. You killed my car. Prepare to work for the next week or two.

Hello. My name is not too long. You killed my way to get to work. Prepare to be a good time tonight.

Hello my name is Brittany. You killed my dog today so you can get a dog sitter. Prepare to go back and take care of it all.

Hello. My name is the new Yorker. You killed my wife. Prepare to get a girl with the same name.

Hello! My name is Ariel. You killed your own choices in your own life. Prepare to go go again and then get back in time.

Hello. My name is not a word. You killed my boss. Prepare to work on Sunday.

Hello my name is a great example of how to wear the rompers. You killed my brother. Prepare to get permits!!

Hello. My name is my favorite thing. You killed my mom. Prepare to go home.

Hello. My name is Daniel I was gonna say hey. You killed it a lot of people and I don’t know what you gotta say. Prepare to be a match for a basketball game tonight

Hello. My name is a good time. You killed my new number. Prepare to be a part of the team.

Hello My name is a great way to start You killed my parents Prepare to be a part of the team

Hello. My name is Erin. You killed my car today. Be prepared to take the time out of your life.

Hello my name is Bethany You killed my dad Today Prepare to work with the family 😂😂

Hello. My name is The One That Is Not. You killed my husband. Prepare to be a little late to the party.

Hello. My name is my definite answer. You killed I have been trying to get a hold of Thrones. Prepare to be a part of the team.

Hello my name is Nicola. You killed my hair. Prepare to get the procedure code from my dentist 😂😂

Hello, my name is a little more up than I thought. You killed my wife. Prepare to get the money back.

Hello. My name is Greg. You killed my son, prepare to be a stretch because I am a very good man.

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Off-topic but I desperately need as many people to see this as possibleAlso, someone please fashion me a coffin, for I have expired. ... See MoreSee Less

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I don’t think I’ve EVER seen this kind of commitment in a skit on SNL. I could barely breathe I was laughing so hard.

Omg!!! I had no context for this and I am WHEEZING!!!! “RETURN HER TO THE EARTH NAKED AND DEFEATED!!!” God. Adam Driver is a gem.

OMG!!!!! 😵

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