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Thanks I hate it

Why am I panicking because of this? Why would anyone build that?

I like it

Fuck, flashbacks to the time my bookcase spontaneously collapsed and my cat got so scared she jumped out of my bedroom window. Poor, Tealeaf. Thankfully she was fine!

I made something like this for an ex one time. It was a "can I do this?" The answer was yes, and with probably too much bracing involved.

I'm with you and your anxiety spike. I couldn't live like this

This hurts me to look at. No.

Things that are not aesthetic

This makes me Angry.

Ooh it looks like a geologist made this I love it

I could NOT

okay that’s the worst thing i’ve ever seen

To be honest I kind of like that


my current mood

No. Just, no!

IDGAF how artistic you are. Fuck this.

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5 days ago

UNspoiled! Podcast

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Me on the show


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Ashlie Layne Steph Nuggz

just fucking @ me next time, damn

Me when I talk to anyone ever 🤭

I'm like cackling at this 🤣🤣

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