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1 day ago

UNspoiled! Podcast

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I can't give up Harry Potter. I just can't. I try not to think of it as her has become more than JK

Yeah, as trash as who she follows and what she tweets, I take the separately from the Harry Potter series. It literally saved my life growing up, I can’t give it up.

We love u Tasha!!

It’s heartbreaking. Jk feels like a parental figure in someways, and i want her to come out and deny all of this. Harry Potter means to much for me, and a community that has always been so inclusive, it’s a shame that the creator appears to not be as inclusive as i always believed.

Thank you for doing this!!

Ugh. I've been so sad about this all day since I heard about it. Here are my thoughts: I'm a fairly pragmatic person, and what matters to me is what kind of impact you are actually having on the world. I think it's totally fair to resolve not to buy any more merchandise that sends money to JKR. As far as providing her more publicity by discussing her books... well... I'm pretty sure that Harry Potter already has so much publicity that your contribution won't really matter, so I'm not too worried about that. I really like Megan's idea about actively promoting trans voices and activists at the beginning of each episode. I think you can also keep an eye out while reading for ways in which JKR's shitty transphobia comes out in the books, and specifically discuss that and how harmful it can be (take a look at how Rita Skeeter is described, for example). Besides that, just becoming more aware of ways in which you can make trans folk feel welcome in your spaces - being careful about language, and standing up for them whenever you can - I think that all of that would have a much more positive impact on the world than you would by just not covering HP material anymore.

I’ve clearly missed something today

I think if you maybe you were actively mentioning trans activists and artists at the start of each episode that would be one way to show where you stand

I learned about Unspoiled because of Harry Potter.

Love the art loathe the artist. I can live with that, a shitty person has to live with themselves

An article came out detailing who she follows. She never said anything

I remember around the 2016 election I saw stats about how HP readers tend to be a lot more liberal than average

Neither do i but I saw the article shared on fb


That’s how I think of it. I think the community is something more then JK now

I think I missed all this jk Rowling stuff she’s done. Ok I have some research to do

For me Harry Potter has become so much more than JK’s creation. No matter what she decides to think, I know that these books teach acceptance, to fight for equality for everyone, and to never let hate or prejudice win. I personally am not going to let her hatred and bigotry ruin a story that has given me solace in some of my darkest moments. We are living the lessons that Harry, Dumbledore, and all our beloved characters have taught us. She is not.

I too follow people with the opposite belief system just to see what they say but I'd never retweet them. She's aware of the following she has.

I'm sure people have bought books because of coverage... Wizarding world she must earn money

Have a better night!!


Yeah I have twitter but I don’t really use it

Not anything she did more so what she didn't do

And apparently she retweets these accounts too

Maybe she didn’t even really wrote them, lol

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