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On this day, 26 years ago, Are You Afraid Of The Dark premiered on Nickelodeon. I loved and hated this show, because I love spookiness but am also a big ... See MoreSee Less

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You described my feelings about AYFOTD exactly Love the spookiness But also hate the spookiness I think I just liked the idea of friends sitting round a fire telling stories tbh

Hard. Core. Same.

2 days ago

UNspoiled! Podcast

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2 days ago

UNspoiled! Podcast

I'm just going to vent for a second about something, feel free to ignore this. I've had a few comments from people either implying or outright saying that what I'm charging for commissioned episodes of Spoil Me! is too high, and it's pretty upsetting.First of all, let's say that someone commissions a TV show like Veronica Mars (which they have), and it's not available to watch for free; I have to purchase the show. Or what about the first 50 pages of a book? I have to buy the book. So unless someone steps up to commission the REST of the book, I dropped $10 on a book for one $25 commission, which almost halves my income right away. Secondly, 50 pages takes at least an hour to read, depending on the material. The shows usually take about an hour to watch, and I try to watch them TWICE before I talk about them. So there's that. Then there's the time to set up the live Crowdcast to cover it, and then the Crowdcast itself, which is another hour and a half. Then there's the editing and posting and sharing across platforms; we're looking at another hour. Then there's the cost of plugins and subscriptions to make sales and scheduling and live-streaming possible, which is something nobody ever thinks about (and I don't blame them for that, but it's a substantial behind-the-scenes expense). So in the end, I'm making about $6.50 to $7 an hour, assuming that more than the 1st episode of the show or book was commissioned. If it's a one-off, I'm only making $3-$4 an hour. I think what I'm asking is really reasonable. I understand not everyone can afford it, of course, and I'm not criticizing people who don't purchase a commission. But please don't come at me with comments like, "Well I might have thought about it, but not at THAT price!" because I'm a single person doing ALL of this by myself and I need to eat and pay my bills just like you. Please don't imply, without thinking it through, that I'm being greedy or asking for more than I'm worth. I'm literally asking for the minimum wage, here. ... See MoreSee Less


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$25 bucks is about what I would expect for what is (potentially) a one-off thing. I live in average, middle America and I think it’s a totally reasonable price. Anyone complaining about the price of AN OPTIONAL SERVICE is welcome to do it the fuck themselves, for free.

When I was a photographer for a minute (way too much competition in northern Utah and also I’m lazy) I one time decided to figure out all the time I spent on one shoot (i.e. driving to and from, arriving early to the location and staying late, the session itself which is usually only an hour, then the editing, marketing, blogging, posting and mailing) and my hourly wage was well below the minimum wage. Some people just have no idea what goes into it. They see the final product and think “hey, that’s easy, why does it cost so much!” Absolutely infuriating. Keep up the good work! Putting yourself out there on social media to strangers is awful. I don’t know how you do it, girl.

The price you charge is very very reasonable for the content you produce and work you put into it. A similar-ish podcast charges $100 usd for sponsored episodes and even that is a steal, when you consider all the things that go into making an episode

Oh. My. God. I can help pay you to cover Veronica Mars?! (I say help because I went back in your recent posts and see that people have already started) Where have I been?! Brb losing it rn 🤗🙌🏼

I subscribe to a ton of podcasts. Mostly they put one per week. Most have more than one host. The other day there was 4 notifications that unspoiled had dropped shows! Almost every day an episode drops. YOU are doing some serious podcasting. I'm so sorry you felt the need to qualify your time spent doing your amazing job. Unnecessary! I tend to not comment on most things cause of nerves but, for someone to question your right to charge appropriately for your time 😡. I thank you for all you do.

Your time is your most valuable commodity. I don’t think people realize the amount of time, mental energy, physical energy, creativity, etc. that goes into this kinda stuff. If you lowered your prices to something you didn’t consider fair, you wouldn’t be happy and ultimately that would show in the finished product as well. Also, on a personal note, I can’t STAND when people have to tell you they can’t afford that or you’re charging too much. I can’t afford a commission either but that’s why I’m not asking for one 🙄

Natasha. Never be ashamed for demanding to be compensated for what you are worth. You are a desirable commodity!

Commission or don’t comment. Support or get out. I’m not commissioning, not because it’s not worth it but because I can’t afford it. You do amazing things. Don’t let the assholes get you down.

I don't mind paying at all! Don't feel bad for paying yourself! You work by yourself and I appreciate everything you do ❤️ you definitely have enough on your plate and I wish you got so much more for what you do. Love the unspoiled family

Wow. You are worth every cent and more! I will be commissioning in the future! You have given all of us more than we deserve!!! #natashaforever #wortheverypenny

This is frankly unbelievable for how much you give $1 patrons...and clearly people are commissioning so must not be all too high 🤷🏻‍♂️

People are ALWAYS complaining about paying for work of any kind, yet you ask them if they'd do what they're good at for a low-balled cost (or free), out comes the hypocrisy. It's disgusting. * hugs if you're comfortable with that* You're doing amazing, Natasha (and the rest of the US crew), don't let the hypocritical whiners get you down.

As a commissioner, I can't imagine someone asking for a lower price! In fact I'm very grateful that your prices are as low as they are. <3

I often wish I could find a job where I could make clues for people to buy. But until they bought them, they’d think the clues were overpriced.

Too much money?? For a special interest commission?? IN THIS ECONOMY??

Your prices are better than reasonable. We need to get you a filter that will let you delete all those messages, unread. Don't let them get you down.

People are utter assholes. It's a totally reasonable ask.

I love you lady and I hate that people don’t have the common sense or class to just keep their fucking mouths shut. You don’t wanna commission? FINE move the fuck on and enjoy ALL THE SHIT YOU DO FOR FREE Ugh I get so mad

Stop justifying yourself to assholes, you charge what you charge and people will pay or not. You don’t need to explain yourself. If they think your charge is inappropriate they are welcome to keep their wallet and their mouth shut.

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3 days ago

UNspoiled! Podcast

Check out the sweet stash of Harry Potter themed tea that I scored @riddlesteashoppe while at @leakycon this weekend! Can’t wait to try one! #tea #teacup #teacupboard #fancytea #harrypotter ... See MoreSee Less

Check out the sweet stash of Harry Potter themed tea that I scored @riddlesteashoppe while at @leakycon this weekend! Can’t wait to try one! #tea #teacup #teacupboard #fancytea #harrypotterImage attachment
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