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Undeclared! The Vampire Diaries – 1.19 and 1.20

Undeclared TVD – 1.19 and 1.20

Hi guys! We’re back! Krista and I took a bit of a hiatus because I was going to visit family, and then she was coming to Atlanta to go to DragonCon (and to see me!), so that part was scheduled. Unfortunately, we both ended up getting sick – I got sick before AND after my vacation! – so it extended our break a little bit. But we’re good, we’re on the mend, and we’re back with new episodes! This one was actually recorded before the hiatus, but I wasn’t able to get it edited and ready for posting until now.

In these episodes, Stefan is still being a butthead about his blood lust, and he almost ruins the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant not only for Elena and Caroline, but for poor innocent townie Amber. Meanwhile, Bonnie is distancing herself from Elena so that Elena doesn’t have to choose her best friend or her boyfriend, Elena and Damon have several moments, and Caroline wins the pageant!
Then we get the story of how the Salvatore brothers became vampires, and why Damon has been so mad at Stefan for over a hundred years. It’s not *just* because Katherine also loved Stefan, but that’s a lot of it. And we get more of the awesome Alaric-Damon Bromance of Awesome. It’s still everything. We still would just watch a show with those two bickering and drinking because they’re the best ever.
Thanks for being patient with us. We’ll be back next week with the last two episodes of season one! That went so fast! – Jaime
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