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Undeclared Band of Brothers – Replacements

UndeclaredBoB – Replacements
Easy Company jumps safely into Holland, their ranks refilled with replacements, expecting a quick operation of securing bridges and liberating the Dutch from the clutches of a battered and weakened German army. Only it’s the opposite, which they learn the hard way. Thousands of soldiers from America, the UK, and Poland, acting on extremely poor intelligence and the arrogance of British and American generals, are casualties of Operation MARKET-GARDEN, one of the biggest failures in World War II.

They need to start listening to Winters.

For more information on MARKET-GARDEN:
Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Market_Garden
101st in MARKET-GARDEN: http://www.ww2marketgarden.com/marketgarden101stairbornedivision.html

World War II: 101st Airborne Division Holds the Line Along Hell’s Highway

The AV Club recap from 2014:

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