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Sense8: Happy F*cking New Year

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It’s been so long since we talked about Sense8!

The gang is back, and I’m a little salty on having to wait so long to view the Christmas Special. Also on how long it took to come out.

This was a very good episode, even for a two-hour-long one. We get to check in with all 8 of the gang, to see what new challenges they are going to be facing. Here’s a rundown:

Nomi: Still on the run with Neets. Hiding out with Bug who can’t help but be adorable, also Amanita is so extra all the time.

Kala: I’m anti-Kala at this point, Your husband is the best man on earth and you don’t deserve him and you don’t love him. Let him off the hook.

Capheus: New bus. Not much else.

Wolfgang: UGGGGGGHHHHH we already had a season of him running from/fighting the mob to avenge Felix. Why are we repeating ourselves?

Sun: Pretty damn interesting, and she has our group effort to beat the three hitmen. She needs to break out of prison.

Riley&Will: Will is sotned all the time, but Whispers is targeting Will’s dad. Scary, but there isn’t a whole lot he can do about it. Also a Jonas sighting.

Lito: YES YES YES! He’s the only one who seems to be dealing with new challenges, and they did not decide to go for the cliched parental rejection upon coming out. Nando is still cute, and I’m surprised that Daniela is becoming part of the family.

The Wachowski sisters rarely if ever fail to be interesting, and I *really* liked this episode, but I have to be honest, I want this show to start moving towards resolution rather than rehashing the same challenges again. It’s been two years since the last season, and their history suggests drawing out sequels are not their strong suit. I hope this season is the last, because I would rather want more at the end rather than lose interest.



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