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Roshawn’s Harry Potter Predictions

RoShawn’s Predictions (BEWARE OF SPOILERS!)

Thanks to the amazing Laura Van Geuns for creating these organized lists and charts of all of Roshawn’s predictions! Those of you who are keeping yourselves unspoiled will want to tread very carefully! Ye be warned!

Find the chart of predictions (with comments from Laura) here!

Episode 1 – Book 1, chapter 1

“In my mind there’s this whole history of the sisters growing up in weirdness.. but I don’t know, we’ll see”

It’s interesting that RoShawn immediately picks up on the fact that there must be something to the great divide between these two sisters, more than one being magical and one not being magical. She does not mention jealousy, but does pick up on the social subtleties. We have to wait quite a while still but I’m so so interested in RoShawn finding out about the whole dynamic between Lily and Petunia, because then you clearly see the jealousy when you look back.

“Well is he dead? There’s no body!”

On the disappearance of You-Know-Who and the very first occurrence of the RoShawn-mantra ‘no body, no death!’ which will come in handy in book 3…

Also, RoShawn here thinks that they probably noticed Voldemort’s absence because there was a power vacuum (was he an oppressive government/someone in charge?) or people got their powers back or something, which was actually the case with people getting out from under the Imperius Curse as we learn in a quote from Hagrid in book 1 a bit later and also which curse it is in book 4 of course. So, once again, nice catching on subtleties. The line of ‘after all the people he’s killed’ puts Voldemort in the category terrorist rather than just oppressive person to RoShawn.

“Is this some weird prophecy thing like was Harry prophesised, was he ‘the one that was supposed to come’ and that’s why Voldemort shows up at his house?”

Yes, that is exactly what it is. But you’re not going to know that until you finish the fridge that is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Both Natasha and RoShawn address the fact that this is another occurrence of the poor orphan boy who is not aware of his amazing destiny, but Natasha (rightfully, in my opinion) points out that it is done well in this series so that is does not feel silly.

Says that Sirius Black is a great name and she wants to name her next band Sirius Black.

Yeah how about that, RoShawn? Will you remember this name in two books? Also, the Quibbler writes an article in the 5th book about how Sirius Black is actually this random musician who quit because people threw tomatoes at them and, because he was having an intimate dinner with the interviewee, he can’t ever have done the murders he was committed of! So yeah, good musician name.

Episode 2 – Book 1, chapter 2

Not really any predictions, but she hates the Dursleys and calls them the cocksuckers and I think that’s wonderful.

Episode 3 – Book 1, chapters 3 & 4

Continuing on comments made in the first episode, RoShawn sees she was on the right track with the complicated sister dynamic. She still does not really bring up jealousy but I’m not sure if it’s just my hindsight goggles that make me see the obvious jealousy in Petunia’s little rant.

Harry Potter: The Next Dark Lord?

Natasha and RoShawn discuss the possibility that Harry surviving the attack by Voldemort not being a good thing, initiated by a gut feeling RoShawn brings up. What does it say about Harry that he survives this? Does he carry some mutant gene that could survive anything or kill anyone like Natasha suggests? RoShawn is a bit more on the track of why Voldemort might want to take him out so early. Interestingly enough, it is confirmed in both the books and the extra material that a lot of Death Eaters wondered if Harry could be a new Dark Lord to rally around. They  seek the biggest bully in the playground, to use a description of Wormtail’s behaviour by his ex-friends. This is why Draco Malfoy, who grew up being told he was double special because he’s a wizard and a pureblood and ‘hush-hush we don’t talk about daddy’s terrorist past’ tried to befriend initially Harry thinking he had his dad’s blessings to do so. Lucius had been speculating at home that Harry might be the next Dark Lord and that it was a possibility to rally around him and Draco wants to be the first in line of course. Anyway, interesting little bit that RoShawn picks up on!

Episode 4 – Book 1, chapters 5 & 6

“Maybe it’s something Hagrid took from the Potter’s house?”

That is actually a good point, about the little package that we know is the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone. She then goes on to say that she thinks the break in, mentioned in the later chapter, was definitely aimed at the grumbly little package.

Destiny stuff.

RoShawn thinks that the same exact feather wand-core is “destiny stuff” being triggered, that now Voldemort and Harry are destined to go on opposite trajectories. Oh if only she knew how important this is going to be…

Episode 5 – Book 1, chapters 7 & 8

“Was he trying to get into his head?”

RoShawn is trying to figure out why looking at Snape makes Harry’s scar hurt and she thinks that maybe Snape is trying to get into his head. Obviously, although Snape could technically do this (good call RoShawn!), this is not what’s happening, Harry is just looking at the back of Quirrell’s head which is, well, as you know… Also a certain person’s face. (also: he did not wear the Turban in the Leaky Cauldron yet, so he wasn’t fused with Voldemort, so he could totally touch Harry there. And he was on his way to try and rob Gringott’s. And after he fails Voldemort fuses with him).
She goes on to wonder if Snape has anything to do with Voldemort or what happened with Harry’s parents (welllllll…. Debateable of course), or if he is one of those people who woke up out of a trance and came back to the good side. Well, Snape is an ex-Death Eater but he came back earlier than the fall of Voldemort soooo great catch RoShawn!



She thinks the package might be a doomsday device, a spell that should never be said/seen or something. She cannot think of any object that size.

What happened to Quirrell?

She’s pretty sure he’s bulshitting about his travels, but wonders what did happen to him. Well he met a certain someone, of course… She does not suspect him at all with regards to the break-ins, but she does not know what to make of him. Trust your instincts, RoShawn!
Also, I’d like to plug some info here: Quirrell was actually the Muggle Studies professor before he went travelling to get experience and then he got the position as Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. This is important because we later learn there is a curse on the job. Voldemort knows this when he is with Quirrell, because he’s the one who put the curse there. No wonder he’s in such an extra hurry to try and get the stone asap, he has a time limit and he knows it…

“I wonder when Neville is going to get a redemption arc”

RoShawn absolutely loves Neville and it’s the welcoming feast but she already wonders about his redemption arc, later in the series she will begin to understand the tragic backstory to this wonderful character who will, eventually, get his ‘come-uppance’ as she likes to call it. Just you wait a tiny bit.

Episode 6 – Book 1, chapters 9 & 10

No big predictions, but RoShawn admits to getting sucked in and getting super excited! Yay! She’s one of us!

Episode 7 – Book 1, chapters 11 & 12

“Right before we get to the bloody and mangled part what does that sound like”

RoShawn should write dirty, dirty fanfiction about Snape and Filch in the teacher’s lounge. (Filch is described as kneeling down, of course mending Snape’s wound, but yeah, that’s not revealed until the next sentence).  She’s getting completely convinced Snape is the bad guy.

The mirror.

First of all, she loved it. She thought it was a portal to another world where people who have passed away are, but when it’s described what Ron sees she figures it out and is quite touched. Natasha points out she used to think it was rather silly that this is what Harry sees, like why doesn’t he want candy, but since her dad has passed she appreciates it a lot more. Personally I have the same, I would see the exact same thing as Harry. Maybe I have grown up enough to accept that it won’t ever happen (don’t dwell on dreams and forget to live and such) but throughout my childhood after my dad passed that was definitely true. Rowling lost her mum early on during the writing of this series and I think this is one of those scenes that come from a place of raw emotion, such as grief, that you immediately recognise if you’ve been through it. Just, ugh, this scene is so beautiful.
Also, RoShawn immediately figures out it spells ‘Desire’ backwards because it’s a mirror (such a Ravenclaw!) but couldn’t figure out the sentence because the words are not equally split up. I do believe they talk about the full sentence later although it’s never brought up in any other episode, but it is in the description of the episode? So just to be complete: “I show not your face but your heart’s desire”.
Also, Natasha lets slip that the mirror is unique to this book so she had almost forgotten about it and RoShawn then sadly asks if it really does not make another appearance, eh….. But Natasha is smooth and talks her way out it!
And sorry, I’ll go back to my corner of quiet observer.

“Aw, I like Scabbers”

Oh boy.

Episode 8  – Book 1, chapters 13 & 14

“Snape can read minds?”

RoShawn remembers her own statement from the opening feast and is kind of curious why Harry is confirming her suspicions here. Oh just read on a tiny bit in book 5, I hope she remembers her correct suspicions from book 1!

“It’s the name of the fucking book, guys!”

RoShawn feels cheated and blind sighted, how did we all miss it?! Don’t feel bad, I was reading this book to a bunch of kids holding the cover with the title in plain sight the whole time and they had no idea and speculated for about ten minutes about what the package could be, even when they indicated the size and shape with their hands. Granted, they were about 7, but hey.

“If Quirrell is what stands between Snape and the stone then they better move the stone”

So much confidence in poor innocent P-p-professor Quirrell. But she does wonder why Quirrell does not go to Dumbledore with this bullying Snape…

Episode 9 – Book 1, chapters 15 & 16

RoShawn is super excited, loves the chapters, is all about Snape and then NATASHA SPOILS SHIT. RoShawn is all confused because she had no idea who it was and was all in the Snape department because he is a giant bat (Quirrell’s words, not mine). Aw, you’re forgiven, Natasha. RoShawn’s dead silence and confused/surprised response was actually super fun to hear live!

Episode 10 – Book 1, chapter 17

Magic Love Protection™

RoShawn felt like there was a spell on Harry protecting him from Quirrell which was causing the burns to appear on his hands, which later gets confirmed. She likes the idea of the mother’s love leaving a mark. We of course know that this spell is what is keeping Harry safe until the end of book 4, where Voldemort unknowingly strengthens the bond between the two of them, binding Harry to life as long as he’s alive, just so he can touch the boy. Ah well, rookie mistake right? Anyway, RoShawn does not know the extent to which Harry is protected by this love sacrifice due to Voldemort’s inability to understand and respect love (I often think it’s the latter more so than the first, he’s not so much a victim as he is someone who grossly underestimates some very fundamental magic). I’m so curious to see if RoShawn thinks the protection thing makes sense! She already keeps wondering why he has to go back to the Dursleys each year.  


So not only did Snape not try to kill Harry and steal the stone, he was actively trying to save Harry. RoShawn is kind of mystified as to what his deal is and is eager to know more about the situation with him and Harry’s dad.
And then Natasha makes a comment about the fact that she discussed with someone whether or not Rowling knew from the beginning that a certain someone had feelings for someone.
And RoShawn goes:
“Are you saying Snape wanted Harry’s mum and didn’t get Harry’s mum so now..”
My heart skipped a beat.
But Natasha is a god damn professional and just plays it off real nice and goes on about her podcast like RoShawn is some crazy person and did not just guess a major plot point in the last book. I can’t wait until RoShawn finds out she called it early on!
(for the record: I totally think she did plan this because she’s that kind of writer, also she gave Alan Rickman pointers towards this during the shooting of the first film which came out in 2001 so if not from the very beginning, which I do think she did, at least very early on already).

Next book

She thinks the Chamber of Secrets sounds ‘so mysterious’ and is very curious to find out how the series progresses. She thinks the chamber is a location in the school (correct!) and hopes to find out more about Snape and Harry’s father (too bad, no can do this book). In general she’s excited about the scope of the series and how dark it can possibly get, basically she wants a whole load of darkness. Well she can get it. Also, she is still waiting on Neville’s even bigger redemption arc and secretly wishes he could be the protagonist sometimes (and don’t tell me ‘he could’ve been! Because prophecy!’ Yes, of course, it is possible that if Voldemort had targeted Neville his mum or dad could have jumped in out with a love sacrifice™ after specifically getting the option of being spared, but you know, I don’t think it’s probable. Plus, Voldemort would never have chosen Neville. ANYWAY MOVING ON).

Episode 11 – Book 2, Chapters 1 & 2


RoShawn doesn’t really know what to think of Dobby, doesn’t like him super much and also wonders why Harry is so silly as to not just tell him why he needs to be quiet. She speculates where he might come from, a family that wants to do Harry harm (how else would Dobby have heard about it?): the Malfoy family? Snape’s family? Does Voldemort have a family? (first guess is always right RoShawn!) She doesn’t trust Dobby because he’s so much like Gollum, with all his ‘master Harry’ etc.

Episode 12 – Book 2, Chapters 3 & 4 (and like 5 pages, cheater RoShawn)

Gilderoy Lockhart is a celebrity chef

With all his product selling with his face on it, RoShawn immediately thinks he’s kind of a sell-out. Bonus points! Big fan of alliteration in his books, but when she read the list she didn’t think about it too much but she laughed about the typical mystery genre book titles. And then she knows that these authors come into the store for book readings, but then he actually does!


RoShawn is incredibly curious about Percy, she thinks his whole deal is mysterious. And he’s reading this booklet and that sounds ominous. Seeking power does not mean that you’re bad, but it’s not really a good sign, according to RoShawn. Then she uses the example of Dumbledore having quite a lot of power and not being corrupted by it, which is interesting because we later learn that Dumbledore deliberately avoids power (and love…) because he doesn’t trust himself with it.  

Episode 13 – Book 2, Chapters 5, 6, 7, & 8 (and a bit, RoShawn cheater)

“When he weaselled his way into the other chapters we read… yeah, I was not pleased”

RoShawn hates Lockhart. So much. Also, she expects Snape and McGonagall to be the best people to put him in his place, which she is totally right about. She also says: “I’m convinced he’s completely inept” . Well we all know how right she is, she first thought that Lockhart was doing the Quick-Spell course that Harry finds in Filch’s office.

“He’s got red shirt all over him”

So the following exchange happened (talking about Colin Creevey):
“I feel nervous for him, I don’t know why, I feel like he’s in danger. Just ‘cause he’s too fucking close to Harry all the time, I feel like, if something were to go down..”
“He is going to be collateral damage?”
“Yeah, yeah, I feel like that’s exactly what he is, like the only reason he has a name is because he’s going to be collateral damage”
“So he’s a red shirt?”
“He’s got red shirt all over him”
Oh RoShawn I wish you were wrong on so many levels, but you’re right on all of them. Not only does Colin get attacked this year, he will be one of the fallen at the Battle of Hogwarts (one of the few underage people who really, really shouldn’t have come back just so they could be innocent collateral damage).

“I feel like his dad bought his way onto the team”

Yep, Malfoy definitely did. He never even played once and now already bought everyone brooms! She is intrigued by the whole blood purity thing, Natasha and her get a little confused on how it works (not that it is a logical thing)

“Look at these clouds shaped like I don’t want to talk about this”

She clearly notices Hagrid avoids talk about why he was expelled but she doesn’t dwell on it.

“Alright you’re gonna have to stop that”

YES THANK YOU ROSHAWN. “I wasn’t prepared for you to do the voice”. NEITHER WAS I.
Anyway she calls the voice “pretty fucking violent” but it’s too early for theories according to her (it never is though, RoShawn, it never is). She thought the voice was in his head and she is thrown by it being something you can follow.. First she just thought it was Voldemort  or someone communicating head-to-head (which he will do sort of in later books! But not now). She keeps wondering if it is in Harry’s head or outside of it.

“I don’t think Draco had anything to do with the cat, but he might have something to do with the writing on the wall”

She is also deeply disturbed with Mrs Norris’ fate, who she assumes is murdered. “Why do we have to have that?” She cannot forgive it.

Episode 14 – Book 2, Chapters 9 & 10

RoShawn is right about Snape one-upping Lockhart or at least not taking his shit at all. Also, your Snape voice is real good Natasha.

“I know it seems like he should be, but I just don’t think he is”

She does not think it’s Malfoy being the heir, even goes on to say that “I don’t want it to be Malfoy, because I really enjoy thinking it was Snape and then it not being Snape, Malfoy is too easy”. RoShawn doesn’t feel like she’s been introduced to enough other characters. But Percy is suspicious.. She doesn’t like him, she also does pick up on Ginny being all upset but doesn’t pay a lot of attention to it.

“I don’t think the Chamber is something that can necessarily hurt Harry, but it’s something that can change Harry”.

Although she does wonder if you can be the heir to Slytherin (the person) without being in the House, she does  not think this should apply to Harry (rather: Percy). “No I don’t think that it’s Harry, but it could have been Harry”. She’s kind of hung up on the ‘part’ that the sorting hat saw in Harry that could make him a good Slytherin. We could argue that RoShawn feels the fake/half horcrux inside Harry but I think that is a bit of a stretch, she does certainly see something there.

“It’s not a good plan guys… It’s not a good plan”

RoShawn is NOT a fan of the polyjuice potion plan, she wants something to come up so they can’t even try it. Like, this is never going to go well and they should for sure not do it at all ever.  She does like that Hermione is feeling the threat more than the boys are, it makes sense and it’s very ‘real’ to her.

“I had no idea what the fuck was going on, I knew you were gonna ask me, but I didn’t know”

She had no clue who was doing the whole bludger attack and she said ‘holy shit’ out loud during this whole thing. She found out she was kind of right about Colin, had forgotten Dobby was even a thing, so she’s full of curiosity.

“Ok I’m just going to put that on a shelf for now”

She finds it very interesting that apparently things were worse for House Elves when Voldemort was in power, but doesn’t quite know what to do with the whole situation.

Episode 15 – Book 2, Chapters 11 & 12

“The girl [Milicent], maybe she’s embarrassed about the way she looks, maybe her clothes don’t fit, maybe they’re too small and… I did not see that she was a fucking cat”

Fun times with polyjuice potion.

“I still believe that at the end of the series at some point it will be Neville for the win, I’m holding that hope”

Oh RoShawn, never lose hope.

“Oh that’s nice, sword fighting would be useful”

Wellll that’s not what duelling is but she is right, because really, sword fighting would be better against monsters… She thinks she’s being super ridiculous here but she’ll feel vindicated when the whole showdown happens!

“Filch is on everybody’s bad side”

She thinks it’s quite a stretch to say that the people who got attacked got onto Harry’s bad side. Basically she understands why crazy people are suspecting Harry, but thinks they’re dumb nonetheless.

“I’m very like, what the fuck, ok we’ve seen a couple of petrified people by now, we got the cat, we got Colin, now we got  Justin, but this shit is going on with Nearly Headless Nick is some other type of shit”

RoShawn is not a fan.

“I’m not sure if there is some sort of metaphor involved with that or not, I chose to just take it as it was and that he has a pet phoenix”

RoShawn is super frustrated that Harry did not tell Dumbledore and she does not really understand why he didn’t, because really, she says she’d be in his office the first time the voice appeared. They talk a bit about how Harry did not really grow up to trust adults, which is of course true. She liked that the snake conversation from book 1 was brought back and that he had a little chat with the Sorting Hat but was disappointed, because she “wanted the hat to be reassuring”.

Episode 16 – Chapters 13 & 14

She loved these chapters, they’re really tense! She noticed that there’s water on the floor and that this happened before, Natasha remembers another time but if you look closely… Water on the floor with almost every attack. Because snakes need to move ya know.

“Oh that seems familiar”

She is super intrigued by Tom, she noticed the similarities and thinks it’s odd. Especially the fact that Harry somehow recognises the name, she is super curious about it. She also notes that Tom sounds a bit like a Percy, which makes Percy even more suspicious in her book.

“I’m ready for Hermione to be done with him, there’s a time and place for this stuff and tick tock”

She’s not amused that Hermione has a crush.

“If there’s a mob forming I’m joining them”

Deport all Slytherins! They’re sending students that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems with them. They’re bringing heirs. They’re building secret chambers. They’re petrifiers. And some, she assumes, are good people.

Episode 17 – Chapters 15 & 16

“Oh we always knew”

Lockhart is a loser and RoShawn is happy to have it confirmed.

“What kind of deal did he make?”

Percy is the number one suspect at this point, he’s pureblood and ambitious… But would he really hurt his sister? She is sure that Ginny did not just see him jerk off. He didn’t join the family mourning circle in the common room. Would he betray his family out of ambition? Can Percy turn his back on his family? Well I don’t know RoShawn why don’t you read book 5.

“Like coming out of somebody’s colon”

Well thank you RoShawn we can never ever think about going down to the Chamber of Secrets again.

“So the last time Harry got to the other side of a creepy door, we all remember what we found”

He’s gonna talk to this giant snake according to RoShawn, she’s hoping that whoever is behind it is down there with him or that it is at least revealed (she doesn’t think this person would be there, because it seems gross). Unless they took Ginny for something specific… It didn’t take Myrtle. And Ginny is not a muggle born. She does not think Ginny is dead or petrified, she was snatched and grabbed. For some reason they didn’t need to petrify her, but she doesn’t really know why.

Episode 18 – Book 2, Chapters 17 & 18

“We’re entering into a relationship her and I and this is not how you want to start out”

She is not pleased Rowling threw the red herring that was Percy at her.

Oh shit Tom’s here, it’s about to go down, we’re gonna find this fucking basilisk and it’s gonna be ON”

Yeah that did not work out that way now did it? She loves how the evil monologue trope is kind of reversed, loves the dialogue and shade thrown around, and she was very interested to turn out to be right about how alike Tom and Harry are. She didn’t like the implication that it carried (are they related?) and is very happy with the solid life advice given by Dumbledore (choices over abilities). She’s happy the sword happened, not just so she could feel vindicated  over duelling, but also because she’s uneasy about the Slytherin bit.

“I love everything about it”

She’s so happy and satisfied to see how Lockhart ended up. I’m curious what she’ll think in book 5. Funny story: Dumbledore agreed to hire the only applicant Lockhart even though he was a dumb ass faker because he wanted to expose him, Dumbledore knew some of the people whose memory Lockhart modified.

Next books and film stuff

This is the second time Voldemort has tried to come back and the last Dumbledore heard he was somewhere in Albania. RoShawn thinks there should be a team on Voldemort-watch because you can’t expect a 12 year old boy to save the day everytime and she’s getting frustrated with the weight Harry has on his shoulders

I love how much she HATES the movie and does not want to watch it. Poor thing, she would probably hate them and well I can’t disagree. I don’t remember much from the second film actually, but I believe Natasha on this one (now disclaimer: I think I’ve only seen all the movies once? I was dedicated enough to go to the theatre for the 5th one but the last one was just me raging at inaccuracies in a plane. If I have seen them more times it was definitely before I turned 10 and dubbed in Dutch so extra horrible, but yeah, totally agree with RoShawn here. Usually it’s fun to hate on stuff but here you kind of want to respect it because people love them so much… I tend to just try and hide my book purist ways)

“But Hagrid came home… Who’s the prisoner?”

Oh wouldn’t we all like to know.