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Orphan Black, S03E01-The Weight Of This Combination

orphan Black S03E01- The Weight Of This Combination

HELLO! I am keeping my promise to get back on top of Orphan Black and His Dark Materials, and I’m super excited about it because this episode of OB is pretty damn gripping from beginning to end, even though there are a couple places where Owen and I get a little tripped up about everyone’s motivations and who is on who’s side. But we rewatched the two episodes before this to get our bearings back because this plot is crazy complicated, so I think we’re doing okay.

This episode starts off with the most idyllic barbecue baby shower, and I know that I’m kind of lame for being quite and preppy and Pinterest-happy as I am, but this was SO FREAKIN CUTE and I’m really mad it wasn’t real. You know Alison would absolutely have thrown a shower exactly like this, had Helena actually been pregnant. Unfortunately, however, it turns out that this whole scene is part of a creepy fever-dream that Helena is experiencing from inside a locked trunk, and I have no friggin idea what is happening with her. Also, a talking scorpion? I don’t even know where to start.

On the other end of things, Sarah finds out that Helena was given up freely by Mrs. S and she basically cuts all ties with her, yelling, “You’re not my people,” over her shoulder as she storms out the door. To get Helena back and to avoid detection from a third-party group that will be (ostensibly) auditing Dyad, Sarah has to pose as Rachel, because Rachel is busy getting a pencil removed from her eye and re-learning how to form basic sentences. But surprise! Turns out there isn’t an audit! Rachel had intended to use a clean-slate tactic called Helsinki to have all of the clones (except herself, of course) murdered, and it’s pure luck that Sarah took her out when she did.

This season is shaping up to be pretty bananas, and I can’t wait to see what the hell is next. Thanks so much for listening!

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