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Justified, S05E13- Restitution

Justified, S05E13- Restitution

Hey there, my listeners! It’s time for the finale of Season 5 of Justified, in which Boyd manages to get out of his tight spot with the Cartel, Art pulls through, Ava gets out of jail, and, thank god, Darryl is shot and killed.

This episode was really good, and I thought things got wrapped up in a satisfying way. I really was surprised, because there was so much to take care of that I couldn’t imagine how they were going to resolve everything, but what they did was not totally resolve things. I mean, Darryl is taken out and Wendy and Kendall go off to live in peace, which is cool. But then there’s still a totally open-ended situation for Ava, who is now working for Raylan and Boyd doesn’t have a clue. And Boyd, although he claims to want a fresh start, is apparently going to get back into bank-robbing and is gonna smear some chalk all over that clean slate.

And there’s still some things that I’m going to have questions about, like how Raylan was able to convince the guard who framed Ava to retract his whole statement. I would think there might be some serious repercussions for admitting that you lied and sent someone to a state prison, but hey. What do I know? I guess when you’re a Fed you can pull some strings? Also, I really just don’t see Raylan going to Florida. Not ever. Not even when this season is finished, if I’m honest. But I guess we will see!

Hope you enjoy the show, and I will see you soon with a new episode of The Dresden Files! 

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