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Harry Potter Recap #3

lupin and tonks_DH SPOILERS
by endoftheline

Hey lovely people. Tragedy struck again but thankfully not until the very end of this episode, so almost the whole thing remains intact except for the final 2 minutes (in which, incidentally, I waxed poetic about how much I loved my listeners. Roshawn can vouch for me on this one). I just downloaded a new call recorder, so I’m going to be trying that out next week and hopefully we won’t keep running into this problem.
In this episode, Roshawn and I discuss Remus Lupin’s backstory, which is also a very sad tale of a child who is targeted because of his father’s politics, and then is forced to remain isolated from all other children until Dumbledore tells him to come to Hogwarts. It makes so much sense to see how much his friends meant to him, and the value he placed on these friendships really informs some of the moments of weakness we see later.
But before we even get into that, I have to read Roshawn some of the dumbest conspiray theories I have seen, like Malfoy being a werewolf, or that Ron is actuallya time travelling Dumbledore (you know, because they both like candy and stuff). Guys, I just can’t with some of these. Ugh.
I hope you enjoy this episode!
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