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Harry Potter Recap #2

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
by breath-art

Harry Potter REcap #2

Hey there, my lovelies, and Happy Saturday! I’m finally here with the next installment of the Harry Potter Recap, where Roshawn and I talk about backstory or little-known facts about the universe, and of course in which we revisit the predictions she made about each book via Austin Lacy’s wonderful supercuts!
I’m very sorry to say that there wasn’t the deep backstory on Flitwick or Molly that there was on Umbridge and McGonagall, so my plans for discussing that came to naught. But I found some really interesting information about Harry’s family and about the universe in general that I think most of you ought to like.
I’m really enjoying doing these recaps, and thank you so much to alll of you for writing in and leaving reviews, for supporting the show as Patrons, for donating, and for doing all the things that keep us going. We love you so much. Hope you enjoy the show!
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