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Halloween Special: PET SEMATARY!!!


Today is HALLOWEEN!!!

And you know what that means…..

Seriously, how awesome is that ghost GIF? Pretty much the best, right?

I hope you guys are ready, because we have a LONG episode for you today, but it’s not about A Song of Ice and Fire! It’s about Pet Sematary, which was the People’s Choice on our Facebook poll for what movie to cover for our special episode!

To anyone who hasn’t seen this movie, you should. Not because it’s particularly great, although it does have its moments, but because it’s considered a classic and a huge influence on the horror movie genre. It had the same effect on me as Prometheus; I was engaged and enjoyed it a lot during, but afterwards I thought about it and realized that there were many parts that didn’t make much sense, or else would only have made sense to someone who read the book.
Nevertheless! I still enjoyed watching it, and definitely got super freaked out. Ugh, Zelda. YIKES. Plus, it was a lot of fun to do something new, and it was especially fun to be the unspoiled one for a change!
If you’ve already listened and are looking for the picture we described of the ridiculous painting that’s in the background at one point, here it is:
Creepy painting in background of phone scene
Creepy toddler in foreground of murder scene

Hope you guys have an amazing Halloween! If any of you are on Facebook, we would LOVE to see your costumes, share a photo with us! Especially if it’s ASOIAF themed!

Alright everyone, have a safe night and eat candy till you puke!


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