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The Dark Tower, Book 4: Wizard And Glass, Part 3- Chapter 9

Susan Delgado
Original art by Jae Lee

The Dark Tower, BOok 4- Wizard And Glass, Part 3 Chapter 9

Hidy-ho there, listeners! I’m comin atcha with the next chapter of The Dark Tower, and holy moly this one is a doozy. It took me over an hour to read the whole thing, and a ton of shit happens, so naturally I couldn’t wait to talk about it.

This is where things really begin to come to a head, and I use the word “begin” because even after the big showdown in the badgrass, we still have Susan captured and creepy-ass Rhea drinking Aunt Cord’s blood,  so the good lord knows there are some more things to be tended to!

But in the meantime we get one hell of a satisfying scene, because Roland and his buddies lay waste to a crew about ten times their size, almost before Jonas has even realized what’s happening. They don’t need to kill them all, because plenty of dudes see the virtue in simply fleeing rather than stand up to the near-superhuman abilities of these three teen boys. This is where Eldred Jonas finally meets his end, although I took no joy in it because I really enjoyed him as a character. It was just great to see Roland & Co. come out on top, but it was no fun to watch Jonas fall.

Thanks so much to all of you for listening, and I will see you soon with a new episode of The Dresden Files! 

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