Breaking Bad Wrap-Up Cast!


Hey everyone!

I’m really excited to be able to say that UNspoiled! has officially completed two full series so far: ASOIAF and now Breaking Bad. I didn’t think that I would be here what with everything that’s happened in the past few months, but you guys are amazingly supportive and I’m so grateful to all of you who advised me to try continuing by myself and see where it took me. I think I like where I’m going.

I had people ask me questions that I would answer on the show, and unfortunately Nina and I weren’t able to make a schedule work in order to record this one together, but I hope that you all are okay with me covering this one alone. Having all your questions is ALMOST like having another co-host, and I found a lot of what you asked to be very interesting, compelling, surprising, and thought-provoking. Thanks for making this so much fun to record!

I hope that you all enjoyed this podcast series as much as I did, and I can’t wait to continue on with Nina, covering True Detective, and with my friend Roshawn, covering The Wire! Stay tuned!

Breaking Bad, S05E16- Felina

62Breaking Bad, S05E16- Felina

The day has arrived, when everyone who finished Breaking Bad already gets to relive the final moments through me.I wonder how much you were all waiting for this, because I’m not sure that there’s a television show that I’ve seen with this dramatic a finale that I would be as stoked over as everyone seemed to be about this.

I really liked it, even more on the second viewing, and while I know there are people who disagreed or wanted Walt to get away, for me there was nothing that would justify them NOT killing Walt. He was not going to survive this, there was just no way for them to finish the series without his story being totally and completely over, and I fully approve of how that went down.

Walt is a control freak, so it makes sense that he had to go out on his own terms, and I like that he was willing to change his plan to spare Jesse. It was the least he could do, I mean, really. Poor Jesse, you damaged thing, where are you going to go, and how do you come back from something like this? I really wonder what the writer’s thoughts were on Jesse’s path after breaking free, and where they were picturing him winding up.

I enjoyed this a lot and it was a lot of fun to talk it over with Nina. I’m very excited for the wrap-up next week! I’m recording on Sunday, so if you have questions or comments that you want read on the air, make sure you post them on Facebook before then!

Thanks for listening, everyone, and see you next week!

Breaking Bad, S05E16-Granite State


Hey there, listeners! This is the last week of actual Breaking Bad coverage, although I will be doing a wrap-up episode to talk about the show in its entirety next week. Keep an eye on Facebook for when I offer to take your questions!

This episode is really really sad, like sad enough that I’m kin dof mad nobody warned me about it. I understand why, with everything happening in the previous episode, that people thought that one would affect me the most, but I have to admit that this one just got to me. Ozymandias wasn’t as much of a shock because I expected Hank to die, and I just didn’t see any way around it. But this, with Jesse? Forget it. I didn’t think it would get this bad, and for Walt to have left him to this fate is, for me, unforgivable.

I feel so bad for Saul having to see Walt even one more time, and I am so fucking glad that soon all he’s going to have to deal with are grumpy fast-food service workers instead of ambition-addled kingpins. This man might not be ethical, but he’s way more of a decent human being than a lot of the people we’ve seen Walt deal with, and I was a little worried that he was going to suffer a fate similar to Jesse’s. Thank god he at least gets away.

Anyway, thank you all for listening, let me know what you think, and I will see you later this week with a new episode!

Breaking Bad, S05E14- Ozymandias


Well. The day has finally arrived, and I bet you were all waiting for this moment as eagerly as book readers awaited a certain episode on Game Of Thrones. Because all of us are terrible people who love watching others in pain, apparently. We are monsters.

So much happens during this episode that it’s almost like I don’t even know what to say about it in a blog post. Gomez dies, Hank dies, Jesse is taken prisoner, Flynn finds out about his dad, Skyler flips back and gets in a fucking knife fight. Then Walt does the totally logical thing and abducts his baby daughter because of COURSE.

Jesus. Walt is officially being pursued by police by the end of the show, and they known who he is, and he knows they know, and he’s trying to do the thing that makes it like Skyler wasn’t involved, but I doubt that will be enough to save her. Meanwhile Flynn is in shock, Marie is in mourning, and will they ever find Hank’s body? If this show ends with him still buried in some unmarked grave in the desert, I’m gonna be pretty pissed.

I don’t even know what else. Just enjoy the show. It’s a long one.

Breaking Bad, S05E13- To’hajilee


Wow. I don’t think there’s ever been a show that ended on a cliffhanger that was as cliffy or hangy as this one. I mean, this is like Die Hard ending while he’s walking over broken glass. What the hell, guys? WHAT THE HELL?

I don’t know what to think at this point. I mean, I never thought that Walt would end up in handcuffs AT ALL, but judging by how things go after he gets put in the car, I’m guessing that won’t last for long. Ugh. I hate Walt so much, I’m so annoyed with him for thinking that he would just be like, “Don’t come,” and hang up and think that’s what’s going to happen. Are you serious? Do you even know who you’re dealing with, Walt? No, of course you don’t. CLEARLY you don’t.

Oh and also Todd is the biggest weirdo and I sort of love him. I have a soft spot for creepy perverts, what can I say. His hilarious crush on the unbelievably uptight Lydia is equal parts adorable and terrifying. I can’t help but wonder if there’s anything that’s going to come of that. Probably not, but it’s a fun and unsettling little detail.

Thanks so much for listening, everyone, I really hope that you enjoy it as we come closer to the end of the season!

Breaking Bad S05E12- Rabid Dog


Hello and Happy Thursday to you all, I hope that you’ve been having a delightful week. I for one have NOT because I want to just binge-watch the reset of this season and I can’t! Because I promised to do a podcast, like an idiot! Why did I agree to this?!

This episode, Hank gets the one person that could help him on his side: Jesse Pinkman. Walt has successfully alienated everyone until he has virtually no allies left, and he’s reaping the rewards of that now. Jesse tells them absolutely everything, and clearly doesn’t care what happens to him after all is said and done. He just wants to get this bastard, and I can’t say I blame him.

But he’s also fucking terrified, and this leads him to make som stupid decisions. Rather than trying to go through with the plan that Hank has set up (which I’m not saying was a good plan), he just goes left and takes matters into his own hands. Obviously this isn’t going to go well, because this is Breaking Bad and nothing ever goes smoothly, ever, but I wanna know what happens! And I wanna know NOW! Wah!

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Breaking Bad, S05E11- Confessions


Hello everybody, I hope that those of you lucky enough to work in jobs where you get Labor Day off enjoyed your long weekend, and for those who don’t…well, I hope it wasn’t too painful. Believe me, I remember how much that can suck.

Today I’m back with my partner in crime, Nina Perez, who is feeling mad with power at the fact that I’m unspoiled in this case and she knows everything. I wonder what that’s like? Oh wait…

This was a kick-ass episode. I can’t believe how quickly things are rolling along here, and I really need to stop podcasting so that I can just watch them all right in a row and get it over with! Bu tI won’t do that to you guys, because I bet you’re all freaking out over the fact that I’m so close to the end at this point.

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Thanks so much, and I hope you enjoy the show.

Breaking Bad, S05E10- Buried


Hey everyone! Took me a while to get to editing this one today, but better late than never. And I sure hope that you enjoy the dynamic between me and Nina because she’s going to be joining me for the whole rest of the season. Thanks, Nina! Can’t wait, this is gonna be fun.

This whole episode, I was so frustrated with Hank and how he was handling this information. He’s basically going to Skyler, “Hey, help me take away your livelihood, your husband, your home, and help me do it NOW.” Yeah, Hank, you didn’t think this one through and it’s going to end up killing you and I’m sad about it. STEP UP YOUR GAME, HANK.

Meanwhile, Lydia is taking matters into her own hands and massacres an entire gang in order to control meth production again. Holy shit, woman. And creepy Todd is there, being his creepy little self, and I honestly would like to see a lot more of him because his character is weirdly fascinating to me. Spinoff!

Thank you everyone for listening, and see you tomorrow with a new Scandal!

Breaking Bad, S05E09- Blood Money


It’s an important day today; the return of UNspoiled! Breaking Bad, now hosted by me with my guest co-host Nina Perez of Project Fandom! If you haven’t checked out Nina’s site, you should; there’s a ton of great nerdy stuff there like reviews and contests, as well as podcasts covering several new shows. If you like me, you’ll like her.

This was quite a fucking episode. Holy shit. I couldn’t believe how quickly Walt figured it all out, and I’m really impressed that the writers decided that they were going to take this route and have him and Hank battle it out in the open like this, with both of them aware that the other one knows. It’s a much more daring and interesting move than Walt keeping it to himself and trying to subvert Hank on the sly.

Anyways, I really hope that you enjoy this new format of the show. It was a LOT of fun for me, especially because Nina is spoiled and asking all sorts of questions that I’m sure you are all interested in. I can’t wait for the next one! Thanks for your support, everyone, and if you’re interesting in helping me out by donating, please click here to be brought to our donation page!

Breaking Bad, S05E08- Gliding Over All


Hey everyone. For those who didn’t listen to the “Announcement” episode, this episode of UNspoiled! Breaking Bad is the last one that Brendan and I recorded together before having to cancel. It seems fitting that it was the mid-season finale; if there is anywhere to stop before actually reaching the finale, that would be the spot I’d pick.

This was a great episode, and I’m really excited to see Hank finally start putting the pieces together, but damn I’m really hoping he doesn’t fucking die. I would be quite satisfied if the finale episode was just Hank beating the shit out of Walt and throwing him into some grimy prison. But who can tell, this show is full of surprises. Maybe he won’t die. *crosses fingers*

Thanks again to all of you for listening. I will see you when I see you.