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Buffy: Living Conditions/Lonely Hearts

I don’t like Buffy in this episode.
Seriously, she’s passive aggressive and spoiled. Kathy is at least well-meaning at first, but this kind of roommate war is just too much. Kids, talk about boundaries and be rational about your living situation.
I liked this episode, but I’m not big on the fact that Buffy was right about everything, so she doesn’t have to examine her behavior to be more of an adult.
As for Angel, he’s hunting a serial killer, this time with the hurdle of Elisabeth Rohm in his way. I like this actress, but I didn’t buy her undercover as a thirsty club girl. She’s too awesome for that. And I’m hoping the show finds its own voice, because so far all we’ve got is more monster-of-the-week. I need something different from Buffy.
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