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Buffy: Graduation Day

It’s time for the season Finale of Buffy!

First off, I need to apologize for the audio quality. Crowdcast really screwed us, and we will not be using them in the future. Thanks to Austin for cleaning this up somewhat.

The big day has arrived, and the mayor has to eat his spiders. Eww. Faith is doing what she can to fuck up the good guy’s plans, and that means shooting Angel with a poisoned arrow. The only solution, however, is the blood of a slayer. Luckily they have a spare slayer on hand, one who needs some killing. And we finally get an all-out fight between these two slayers, which ends with Faith bleeding form the gut and falling into a passing truck (why?). SO Buffy does the only thing she can, let Angel drink her.

She gets better, Faith is still in a coma, though. We get an unnecessary dream sequence, and then it’s time ti prepare fore the final battle. And this was my favorite part- the entire senior class is armed and ready under their graduation robes. SO when the mayor becomes a snake, they are ready and start going to town on him. There are a few casualties, among them Harmony and Larry, two people I’m actually sad to see go. And the pricipal gets eaten. But the snake can’t be defeated until Buffy lures him into the school building, where the entire thing is blown up, along with some sulfur.

I did love these two episodes, but I’m really frustrated by the presence of Angel and Buffy’s relationship drama. It’s really grating, especially since I didn’t have a summer or rerun breaks to get some distance from this emo stuff. Which brings me to an announcement. We are taking a break from Buffy to cover Sense8 (which will only be 8 episodes long) before we return for season 4. And it will return, but frankly I need some breathing room.


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