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Buffy: Enemies/Earshot

Time for some more Buffy!

I gotta be honest, this first episode pissed me off something fierce. I’ve said before how I’m not a fan of Faith’s decent into evil, and despite all of Bitches trying to explain it to me, I’m not buying it. Her behavior seems forced and not consistent, and we get mologuing as exposition instead of character traits introduced earlier that would explain this. I like the idea of Faith going rogue. I don’t like the execution. Add tot that the pseudo-reemergence of Angelus, which I’m bored with, and this first episode was a slog to get through. I liked the twist of Angel being in on it, but, well, it wasn’t an interesting turn.

The bright spot, however, is the mayor. I love his amiable, friendly disposition and how he stays in power, playing demons off one another and using the carrot rather than the stick. Vampire hiearchy is fickle, and the mayor thinks long-term. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of his machinations.

Earshot was tough for a different reason. Attacking the Columbine thing in Buffy is . .. a delicate subject, but this was a difficult time for me back in high school, being the kid with no friends and now suddenly being called a potential mass murderer was another weapon for bullies to use. SO I kind of don’t want to write about it any further. It’s good, but it was harsh.


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