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Buffy: Dopplegangland

We have the return of alternate universe Willow, and I can’t get enough of her.

Anyanka is angry that she’s a normal human now, stuck in the body of a Socal teenager. She needs her powers back, and the goat demon isn’t playing along.

So she approaches the only witch she knows, Willow. Michael is nowhere to be found and Amy is still a rat. so Willow seems to be the senior witch on the scene. She needs to make a rift in the space-time continuum to get her amulet back, and that goes as well as one could expect- vampire willow is brought forth into our dimension. And boy does she look good.

I legit love this episode, but I’m a little frustrated. One, it feels like it needed more room to breathe, or maybe just cut the Faith stuff in favor of more conflict resolution. Or maybe even two episodes to solve this. Second, as much as I love the contrast between VampWillow and SweaterWillow, SweaterWillow doesn’t seem very rounded as a character- she still behaves like she would in a cartoon. I’m really hoping her character starts landing on solid ground soon, because I’m interested. I just need her to behave organically instead of what is required by the script.

Also, we have a special guest, Mocha Fapalatte, to talk about Willow’s outift.


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