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Buffy: Choices/The Prom

Roshawn joins us!

We get Faith being terrible, as she tends to be, and a weird gambit for a box full of spiders. Why spiders? Because this is Buffy, that’s why. Plus more flirtations between Weasel and Cordelia. The mayor is trying to Ascend, whatever that means, and that involves getting into Buffy and Angel’s heads about the nfuture of their relationship. And not only is he not wrong, he’s fucking right. These two are not good together. Break up already.

Also, the prom comes along, and we get another mad scientist student and his dumb ideas. He got turned down by a girl and now is training werewolves to kill well-dressed people. It’s not any fun. I really wish the show would learn that if you have an important character message to show us, you don’t need a new evil thing for Buffy to fight. There are already rogue vampires around, you can just bring them in for the bad thing to defeat and spend more time on the meaty character stuff. But it does lead to  an important validation for poor Buffy, where the school acknowledges that she has their back and deserves recognition for it.

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