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Buffy: The Harsh Light of Day/In The Dark

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So, two people from Buffy’s past are back- Spike and (gasp) Harmony!
They are looking for something, another MacGuffin, but this time, it makes Vampires invincible? Hard to see why this wasn’t a priority for all the others who crawled around Sunnydale. I mean, I get it, they hadn’t thought of it yet. Also Harmony is just as bad as an undead mean girl.
Spike is not himself, though, and seems more abusive than entertaining. There’s a showdown in broad daylight, and Buffy manages to snag the ring. And for once, I agree with her plan.
So Oz makes a road trip to LA and drops off the prize, but Spike is following, where we finally get the sarcastic shit-disturber we love. There’s some torture and a band van coup, and the torturer turns out to be the one we need to defeat this time. And Angel decides that brooding is more important than doing his job well.
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