Episode 362: Game Of Thrones, S04E03- Breaker Of Chains TEASER!


Hey again! I know it’s late so I will re-share this tomorrow just to make sure that everyone sees it, but this is our freebie summary/listener feedback episode! We recorded this one right after watching, but it was so late we had to wait until today to record the official episode.

I won’t say anymore here because I am dead tired and editing, compressing, converting, and uploading took half the damn day. I hope you enjoy, and thanks again!

The Gilded Eagle Presents: Game Of Thrones, S04E03- Breaker Of Chains


Hi everyone! Sorry for this going up so late! Brendan and I got home so late last night that we had to wait until today to record, which turned out to be a wise decision as the episode turned out to be two hours long. Whoa!

This episode contains one of the most controversial scenes so far in the series, and the internet exploded with articles from critics and fans last night, asking the writers what the fuck they were thinking. I’m of course talking about the Jaime and Cersei scene, which for some ungodly reason got turned into a straight-up rape. Yeah. We talk about that. At length.

I just want to let you all know that this episode is so long that Bandcamp couldn’t handle it as a single file. So we have the first half listed for one dollar as usual, and the second half listed for free. Thanks so much for your support! See you soon with the iTunes freebie!

Scandal S02E04- Beltway Unbuckled

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 3.08.42 PM

Ha, I bet you thought I had forgotten about posting Scandal this week, didn’t you! Well no sir, I just had to get caught up on all of our Game Of Thrones coverage before I could dig back into the juicy world in Washington.

This episode is probably my least favorite so far, to be honest. The diplomatic immunity thing is kind of played out to me, and I’m not understanding how some of these characters form relationships with each other. I mean, Abby is almost comically fulfilling the role of “over-attached girlfriend”, and whether it’s been a couple days or a couple weeks, breaking into your man’s place and asking him what your relationship status is, is still bananas.

Meanwhile, Fitz is being the same whiny little brat that he was last episode, and I pretty much lose my patience with him completely. Of course, Mellie is amazing as usual, and Olivia actually legit cries for the first time I can remember. I hope that Fitz really sticks to his word and leaves her alone.

Thanks for listening, everyone! See you later this week!

Breaking Bad, S04E04- Open House

Open House

Hey guys! It’s hump-day, and your favorite part of the week because it’s time for our Breaking Bad episodes!

This is not an episode that Brendan or I were that excited about, to be honest. Walt was being pretty stupid again, and things are still feeling so hopeless for pretty much everyone besides him and Skyler that it’s really feeling a little stagnant. I’m sure that when we watch the next episode, however, that I will be eating my words because some crazy shit is going to happen.

I wanted to give you all a heads up that Brendan and I are going home to see family this weekend and may not have all the usual episodes up next week. The weekend is when we normally record, so we will try to fit it in and get it done, but just in case we can’t I wanted to prepare you! Thanks so much for your patience on that.

Anyway, thank you all so much for listening to this episode, and see you Friday!

Episode 361: Game OF Thrones S04E02- The Lion And The Rose TEASER


Hello listeners! Sorry for being so late on this freebie cast, it took so much longer to do the Gilded Eagle that we weren’t able to record both in one night like we had planned, and then there was so much listener feedback that this ep went late and I didn’t have time to post after all. But hey, better late than never!

This episode we do our one-minute summaries and talk about some of our likes and dislikes about the latest episode, plus Brendan and I finally read a couple reviews and emails that we’ve been meaning to get to for some time. There are some interesting theories being floated out there, and we talk about a couple of them and decide if we are on board or think peeps is cray.

I hope you all enjoy this episode, and if you missed it yesterday you can find the Gilded Eagle episode covering “The Lion And The Rose” at

for one dollar! Thanks everyone, see you tomorrow!

The Gilded Eagle Presents: Game Of Thrones, S04E02- The Lion And The Rose


Happy Monday, everyone, and what a glorious, happy Monday it is! Everyone’s favorite “asshole to hate” has finally been done in by some generous benefactor, and we all are going to really get to sit back and relax now that Joffrey is dead.

HA! Oh man, I can’t wait for non-book readers to find out how royally dicked over Tyrion has been, but everyone was too busy celebrating Joffrey being murdered to concern themselves too much with Tyrion’s predicament.

This is the Gilded Eagle episode, which is $1 at Bandcamp (just click below) or you can wait for the freebie short-version that will be posted up on iTunes later tonight. We are going to be covering a quick summary of the show, as well as dealing with some listener feedback that’s been piling up, so you’ll want to tune in!

Thank you all so much for your support, we love you dearly. See you Wednesday with Breaking Bad!

Breaking Bad, S004E02- Thirty-Eight Snub

38 snub

Thank God it’s Breaking Bad day, amirite? Oh, and also it’s Friday, so that’s cool too.

Today’s episode was super super depressing. It just is basically a series of people trying to make themselves feel better and improve their situations, and failing pretty miserably. And there were also a couple of people (I’m looking at you, Skyler and Walt) who are making decisions that really feel rash and out of character. There is a long rant from me about Walt being incredibly fucking stupid, and Brendan and I theorize on what the real reason was for Skyler ignoring Walt’s assurances that he’s going to take care of things.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Mike seem pretty haunted by what’s been going on, but Brendan and I have very different theories on what that’s about. He thinks that Jesse is more freaked out about the fact that he’s probably going to die soon, whereas I felt like Jesse is traumatized by killing Gale and seeing Victor die and is trying to drown it out in his head. Mike we both seem to think is just kind of freaked out by Gus killing his right hand man and is in a similar place to Walt in terms of instability, but it feels like there’s more than that and we haven’t quite gotten to see it yet.

Anyway guys, thanks so much for listening, leave us a review on iTunes if you have time because we don’t have any new ones, and have a great weekend!

Scandal, S02E03- Hunting Season

091813-shows-scandal-episodes-off-the-record-huntign-season-5Scandal, S02E03- Hunting Season

Yay! Two Scandal episodes a week! This is going to be fun.

This episode was way more high-stakes than I expected, and I was totally taken in by the whole story. I believed in Arty hook, line, and sinker just like everyone else did, and while I do not condone the crazy shit that Huck likes to do, I have to admit that there was a big part of me that was glad he was the first one to get his hands on Arty after he screwed everyone over like that.

Meanwhile, Mellie continues to be awesome and Fitz continues to not appreciate at all how awesome she is. Someone explain to me what the hell the deal is with amazing women liking him? I honestly don’t get it. He’s good looking and a good person at heart, but damn he does not have his shit together AT ALL. I’m not impressed with you this episode, Fitz. No me gusta.

THanks for listening, and see you next week!

Breaking Bad, S04E01- Boxcutter


Happy humpday to all of our wonderful listeners out there! I hope that those of you who have read the books in the ASOIAF series enjoyed our coverage of Game Of Thrones, and now you get to enjoy us once again talking about Breaking Bad!

This was the season premiere after the race between Walt and Gale’s lives, and we get to see just how the situation got handled afterwards. One of the things that I like about this show is that we always get to witness the fallouts from any given decision, whereas in some shows they only show consequences when they deem it interesting enough. Breaking Bad makes it all interesting, and that’s called good writing. I really appreciate when the life of a character on-screen (or on the page) has just as much bullshit to deal with as I do myself.

Things don’t go as Walt expected when Gus shows up. I think Walt expected to be yelled at, to be threatened, to be slapped around, even. What he wasn’t expecting was for Gus to stroll in without a word, calmly change clothes, cut Victor’s throat, change back into his clothes, and leave. I really really loved that whole scene, and it’s always interesting to me how Brendan and I differ in the moment on what we think is going to happen. I wasn’t worried for Walt and Jesse at all, I knew that Gus was going to kill Victor. Brendan thought that it was entirely possible Walt and Jesse would at least get cut up a little.

I hope you guys enjoy listening, see you Friday!

Scandal, S02E02- The Other Woman

eternal sadness

I swear to god, guys, I can’t handle this show. It’s so goddamn heart breaking, every time, and in a new way. I love it and I hate it and I love and hate all of you for making me watch it.

So this time around we get a double-dose of heartbreak because we get to see not only the eternal sadness of Fitz’s relationship with his wife and Olivia, but also the sadness of the marriage and mistress of Pastor Drake. I can’t stand how beautifully this story played out, and how fucking depressing that ending was with Mellie and Fitz. Oh my god I seriously can’t take it, my heart.

Meanwhile there’s the very worrying breakdown of Huck going on in the background, and he seems all too willing to cut people up and “take care of things”, which Olivia is very conveniently not noticing. Speaking of convenient, there’s the photo of East Sudanese children in mass graves, and Cyrus isn’t buying it. Thank god for you and your reading of body language, Cyrus. I hope that you don’t die.

THanks everyone for listening, please take a minute and leave a review on iTunes if you get the chance! See you Thursday!