Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone, Episode 8- Chapters 13&14

NORBERT- The Norwegian Ridgeback
by Mayank94214

Good morning, listeners! I am delighted to bring you another two-chapter episode of Harry Potter, covering another quidditch game and the poor life choices of one Rubeus Hagrid. These chapters are possibly my least favorite in the book and definitely in my tope five least favorite of the series. I … Continue reading

ASOIAF Episode 376- Miles Schneiderman & Steven Attewell Cohosting, Episode 6

Daeron II the Good
by Oznerol-1516

Hello there my lovely listeners! Happy Saturday! Today we have something really fun to listen to, a rare triple-hosted show with Miles and Steven Attewell of Race To The Iron Throne. We talk a lot about the various Targaryen kings leading up to the bullshit of Aegon The Unworthy that … Continue reading